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Dreams are the fabric that make our reality; because we dream, we can create whatever we want. Daydreaming is important, and I’ve always told my mother I do my best thinking in the shower. I need a whiteboard in the bathroom quite honestly, because as soon as I step out of the shower and into reality I forget every fabricated plot for a novel, every solution to the problem I was tackling, and every song lyric I had hummed out. It all gets wiped away as soon as the steam from the shower clears. That’s why I got into the habit of writing things down as soon as I got to my room so that I didn’t forget one thought I’d had, so I could hold onto that religious epiphany, so I could sing that potentially awful melody some other moment. I found myself daydreaming in class the other day, and this is immediately the song I thought about. Alice laying in a field of flowers, mentally constructing her fantasy land and relaying all that valuable dream content to the surrounding flowers and her fluffy cat. Without dreams, we can’t have goals. And without goals, our lives can be compared to a stagnant pond. Fish die, algae grows, and flies begin to swarm. That’s such a dismal outlook on life. For the greater part of my life (woo all 18 years of it), I had mainly one goal, and all the little goals around it ultimately were to achieve the main goal. Main goal- get into college, get it paid for. This was heavily enforced by my tight-laced, type-A personality mother and an extremely supportive father who had high hopes and kind words. But after coming to college, getting it paid for, and being accepted into my program of choice, I’ve realized I have no larger aspirations or goals in life except to succeed. I never thought about what I would be happy doing after I graduate. My goal ultimately suppressed my dreams, to the point where I’m not sure what my dreams ever were. There’s always the big general ones, like “get a house,” “get married,” “get a job.” But where’s the dream job? I don’t think I have one. I never aspired to be anything but successful, and I never put a title on what I would be successful at. I picked my major based on my love of Legos and technical drafting. I love architecture school, don’t get me wrong. It just occurred to me that I never had one main life goal to achieve, and I still don’t. But maybe i’ll find that in school. Or afterwords. But my daydreams will continue to flourish, and hopefully one day that will escalate into a life goal.